Thursday, January 13, 2011

By the book

Project Objectives: Develop a logotype for a new gathering space called by the book, which includes a cafeteria and bookshop

Target: People interested in the world around them. Whether or not linked to the arts and industries creative.

Barcode: This idea came when I was thinking about the word identity. From there I thought how else could a barcode represent this project: identifies with this new concept of combining a cafeteria with a bookshop where you can read while you're in a cafeteria. It also reminded me of the spine of books, music (a piano keyboard), and of course the very purpose of the bar code, the decoding information. It also integrates the idea of food consumption and purchase of books.

Why orange? Reflects the energy, creativity, good disposition and is usually associated with communication.
This color seemed more appropriate because it is catchy and memorable, is compatible with potential clients and represents well what the project aims.